At Vendera Publishing, we like to let our readers get to know our authors.


Karisa DeLay

KARISA DELAY IS A MULTI-TALENTED ARTIST AND AUTHOR in vast world of published novelists. She has an intuitive passion for how the perceptions of man toward God, evolution and science twist reality.

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Olivia Owens

OLIVIA OWENS WEARS MANY HATS WITH HER TWO DEGREES and a full time mother gig. Sometimes, she is even brave and wears an actual hat but not often. Sarcastic and witty, she isn’t afraid to make others laugh, even at her fake British accent. Her competitive nature drives her to make every book her best but she still realizes that nobody is perfect…that’s why there is spell check.

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Ray West

RAY WEST IS KNOWN FOR HIS FACE MELTING SCREAMIS, fronted the popular early 90s underground hard rock band Spread Eagle, known for skull pounding songs like Scratch Like a Cat and Switchblade Serenade.





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Robin Gillette

ROBIN GILLETTE IS A WOMAN OF MANY TALENTS. She has dedicated more than twenty years working with pre-school and elementary kids, at-risk teens, and disabled children.

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Timothy Jameson


 DR. TIMOTHY JAMESON IS THE AUTHOR AND OWNER OF, a leading musician industry health and injury prevention website. It was voted "Top 25 Musician Websites" by Keyboard magazine in 2006.

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