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Anni's Attic

In 1861, as the American Civil War escalates, eleven-year old Jennine is reluctantly taken by her father to live in Savannah, Georgia, with the twelve-year old cousin she despises- Annise Loreal Bouvoir. While awaiting the return of her father from his covert Nothern military duties, Jennine and Annise soon find themselves caught up in the family's espionage and Underground Railroad activities. As Jennine comes to love and admire her independent and fearless cousin she also re-examines her arrogant attitude toward Negro slaves, in particular the handsome mulatto boy who works in the family's cotton plantation. For more than three years, as the horror and deprivations of the war continue, the two cousins find comfort and joy in each other's company, and the mysterious treasures of a long-forgotten secret attic.

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Crystal Gate

The first novel in Karisa DeLay's Crystal Gate series is that of intrigue and paranormal discovery, leading you along as good and evil wait for the balance of life to shift. While leaving you suspended, your new perspective of the world Alexis uncovers will have grabbing for the next book.

Alexis Zen, a brilliant physicist with a hidden past, wants only to understand human history and find a way to recreate the ancient technology that puzzles modern man, but her job of developing a top-secret device for the U.S. Military puts her projects on hold. However, when a loved one is murdered under mysterious circumstances, Alexis is plunged into an enigmatic world where dimensions open and supernatural beings emerge from the shadows. Unknown to Alexis, she holds the key that will unlock gates to the mysteries of the universe. As she gets closer to the truth, one person in her life will be more involved and cause the fate of the world- and her own sanity-to hang in the balance.

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Four Rivers

Picking up where Crystal Gate left off, Four Rivers finds Alexis Zen caught between worlds, facing the ultimate decision-to accept her destiny or follow her heart.

With the balance of good and evil titling, the architects of the universe return, forcing an ancient protector of Eden to open the gates, making the realm of Light vulnerable. As evil grows and searches for a way to bring back Alexis, the followers of Darkness begin to question their Master. While an old enemy comes out of the shadows, forcing Ben to reveal his true intentions to everyone, including the one he loves.

Will this take Alexis off course or will she trust where her heart has led her? She must decide and evil must be stopped, leaving one problem: how do you bind the Devil? 

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The Mystery at Marlatt Manor

In The Mystery at Marlatt Manor: Cedar Creek Mystery Book One, thirteen-year-old Mallory Gilmartin sees a light in the top window of the deserted mansion on Dark Hollow Hill, and she is convinced it is connected to a young girl who mysteriously disappeared from there some fifty years earlier. Plagued by sudden nightmares and a voice that calls to her for help, Mallory must uncover the truth behind why someone seems so desperate to buy the worthless, old house. In a race against time, she is soon caught up in a devious plot involving the Marlatt family and their strange past.

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The Mystery of the Missing Ming

In The Mystery of the Missing Ming: Cedar Creek Mystery Book Two, paranormal sleuth, Mallory Gilmartin, must not only figure out who has stolen an antique vase from the town's elderly librarian, but why someone in a World War II airplane keeps trying to get her attention. It appears the clues are hidden in the past. Can this crime be solved before it's too late? 

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